Disc Filter

Disc filters are widely used as pre-treatment system for industrial and commercial applications, such as seawater desalination, food, textile, metallurgy, plastics, medicine, building materials, papermaking, HVAC systems in industrial and commercial buildings, irrigation, wastewater treatment, sewage regeneration, municipal water supply, water works, large power plants, chemical enterprises. It has significant operational effect on whole project.

1. Application of disc filter in membrane pretreatment

Ultrafiltration/Microfiltration Pretreatment

The inner pore size of vacuum filament is 0.8mm and 0.3mm.

The function of disc filter: separate the solid particles larger than the membrane aperture, avoid the clogging of vacuum filament, and protect the filament from scratch.

Reverse Osmosis/Sodium Filtration Pretreatment

With poor inlet such as river water and reclaimed water, disc filter can be used for  pretreatment.

With good inlet such as tap water and deep well water, disc filter can be used prior cartridge filter.

Generally speaking, the function of disc filter in membrane pretreatment is stage filter and protect the downstream equipment and reduce its bur don to downstream equipment.

2. Application of disc filter in circulating water filtration

In industrial water, circulating water accounts for 70-80% of the total water consumption. The circulating water system has high flow rate and is difficult to operate, but with low temperature, the water quality requirements are lower than the that of boiler water.

The closed cycle process requires that circulating water is not exposed to the air, with less water waste, and the salt concentration in the water has no fluctuation. It is generally applied in generators, internal combustion engines and single heat exchange equipment with special requirements. In contrast, for open cycle process, circulating water is in contact with air, suspended solid and ion content in water change constantly. Supplementary water and discharge is required.

Disc filters can be used in the following process:

Pretreatment of supplementary water: coagulation, sedimentation, filtration, softening, desalting.

Circulating water filtration treatment: full-flow filtration, side filtration (circulating water volume 1-5%).

Sewage treatment: filtration, desalination and reuse (to achieve zero discharge of circulating water).

3. Application of disc filter in ion exchange pretreatment

Ion exchange is a water treatment method that uses ions on a resin to exchange harmful ions in water.

Disc filter can be used in pre-filtration, post-resin capture, and salt system filtration.

4. Application of disc filter in total inlet water

With the rapid development of industry and agriculture, water source pollution is more serious and water quality is deteriorating. The growth of suspended solids in water sources has seriously affected industrial production.

Modern industrial production places higher demands on water quality (high purity water). The production of high-precision products requires pure water that contains almost no impurities. But there is no equipment that directly turns the water of nature directly into H2O. The concept of grading has become more and more clear. Filtration is the most basic of water treatment, and the simplest processing unit is an essential part of water treatment.

5. Application of disc filter in agricultural irrigation

Irrigation emitters are the heart of sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation. The water flow aperture is generally small, which requires that the irrigation water should not contain the dirt that causes the irrigation emitters to be blocked. Therefore, water purification is required to ensure the normal operation of sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation.

6. Application of Disc Filter in industrial nozzle protection

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