Butterfly valve

Manual butterfly
Manual butterfly

The disc of a manual butterfly is positioned with the same direction as of pipes diameter. 

The disc rotates within the cylindrical channel,rotation angle is 0°-90°,it is fully opened 

when rotated to 90°.Manual butterfly is light, simple and compact structured, it is constructed 

with fewer components. Moreover, it is rotated quickly a quarter to be opened and closed, 

and has the feature of simply operation and excellent media control.

Electric butterfly

Electric butterfly is a type of electric valves and electric adjustment valves. 

It is opened and closed by a power signal. It performs as shut off valve, 

control valve and check valve. With a manual control devise, the operation

is activated manually and not affected by power failure emergency.

Electric butterfly
Pneumatic butterfly valve
Pneumatic butterfly valve

Pneumatic butterfly valve is constructed with pneumatic actuator and butterfly valve. Its 

disc is rotated with a rod to be opened and closed. It performs as shut off valve, optional 

to be designed to realize the feature of adjustment, or compatible of stage valve and 

adjustment feature. It has the advantage of simple structure, small and light, and low cost. 

Installed in a high altitude dark channel, it is easy to operated by a two position five way 

solenoid valve, also can adjust the media flow.