Stager & Multi-valve System


Models of 48 series,51 series,56 series,58series.

Stagers are motor-driven rotary multiport pilot valve to control operation of diaphragm valve.

Simple structure, rotating mechanism adopts self-lubricating material, all enhances its durability.

Specific designed for diaphragm valve, one stage can control a multivalve system.

Control pressure to the stager, either hydraulic or pneumatic, must be CONSTANT and EQUAL to or GREATER than the system pressure.

48 series stagers can be manually operated if power is not available.

Technical parameters:

Max Pressure: 125psi (8bar)

Working Temperature: 4-60°C

Body Material: Model 48 PA6+GF; Model 51 Brass; Model 56 PPO; Model 58 UPVC

Stem Plate: PTFE & Ceramic

Control Ports: Model 48: 6; Model 51: 8; Model 58: 16

Motor parameters:220VAC, 110VAC

Power: 4w

Application: softening system, filtration system, UF system , deionizer

JKA Stager Controller

48-*/51-*/58-* series stager controller.

1.front panel diagnostics information: Date & Time

Interlocked Mode (D mode, E mode, single tank mode), Max. 9 controllers can be interlocked

Service mode(time regeneration mode, volume mode, remote control mode)

volume information (under volume mode)

Regeneration parameters

Service parameters under different modes

2.Set time mode or volume mode in respect to  circumstances on site.

3. Accepts input from a variety of flow sensors.

4. Data protection after power cut off.

5. Programmable regeneration types for increased flexibility.

6. Allows regeneration by remote signal


Power: 85-250/AC, 50/60Hz,4W

IP Rating: IP54

Working Temperature: 4-60°C

Dimension: 300×230×160


Filtration system

Softening system

Multi-valve System

Full-room bed counter current technology

The technology enhances efficiency of 50% salt saving and 30% water saving respectively.

Volume control technology

Adopt flow rate method, outflow is precisely measured, improve usage efficiency of res ion, water and salt.

It is flexible to adopt different process

Flexibly select counter-current softening, co-current softening, sand filtration and activated carbon filtration different technologies.

Wide Scope of Applications and High Flow Rate

Meet various flow rate requirements via changing valve sizes.

Professional Control System, Easy Operation and Low Cost of Maintenance

Specially designed controllers for softening systems, easy. To operate, training cost is reduced significantly.

Low maintenance cost, simple after sale service

Control system and service system is separated. In the case of system failure caused by faulty parts, replace spare parts on site. Engineer services or return-to-factory repair is not needed.

JKTT Flow sensor

Technical parameters:

Measuring object: water(no obvious impurity or suspended substance)

Operating Range: 0.3~5m/s

Pipe Size Range: DN40~DN100

Linearity: ±4%

Cumulative error: ±4%

Cable Length: 5meter

Signal transmission cable length: ≤300 meters

Sensor Body: PPO+GF

Rotor: PVDF

Rotor Pin: 316LL

Frequency: 3~120Hz

Working power: 5-24VDC

Signal Output Mode:Continuous pulse square wave, strong anti-interference properties

Output power:≤12mA

Service pressure and temperature :≤0.8MPa;1°C~60°C